Saturday, April 28, 2007

Re-introducing things..

As I was going through my daily routine of writing new material for this blog, I noticed something completely obvious on the internet about material on personal development.

I noticed that many of the writers on the net speak about the same issues, problems, and give solutions very much similar to others. They are just repeating words what others have said in a completely different perception and format.

I wanted to take a whole new look into what I call, the "Simple Personal Development Style", and that is todevelop yourself in every form and shape possible through as much simplicity as possible that you live life without any regrets, and bitterness. I want to clearly give the most simple and yet practical lessons that you as a reader do not have to digest so much material within your day that you eventually forget what you've read.

I also don't want you to have to think so deeply about taking action that you end up reading for pleasure and not really using what you have read to improve your actual actions.
I see that in many of these writers, it takes ages for them to get a point across that they end up losing readers easily just after receiving an sms on their cell phone (one example is me - I read a recent article that took so long to absorb that I ended up absorbing something else).
So I want to make it easy for you to grasp my material and take action right away.

I wanted to recommend all of you to also be in tuned with my other blog located at, which gives you your daily dosis of quotes and wisdom.

How I suggest you take on slipping in your own time with my sites is to open my blogs first thingin the morning when you are fresh and ready to be enlighten. I suggest you open, first, to catch the quote and wisdom of the day, then to read my latest post on

I routinely update these two blogs as I am completely passionate about the subject of developing ourselves into a greater being.

It is the hope that at your death bed, you will feel relieved that you've lived a great life and you would trade anything to do it again. That is the purpose how I want to go about taking my blog posts. To take life within our own hands and be able to ride it to the end. We don't live forever, remember.

Ok then, to make things simple.. I will break down my topics based on achieving wealth in your consciousness & awareness, your personal effectiveness, your physical, mental, financial/business, social growth,and as well as achieving peace through your spirituality.

Lets continue what we've started..

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Just another real life lesson..

Heres a a real life lesson you all might consider:

"Do what you love, but make sure it is profitable."

If you do work you love, but it doesn’t generate income, your work & business will eventually fail. If you do work you hate, but it generates income, your health will eventually fail.

If you can’t do what you love and make it profitable, you’ve either got a hobby or a headache, not something sustainable.

Don’t settle for anything less than passion and profit.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Finding your passion in your work

I wanted to bring up the simple topic of finding your true passion within your line of work or job.

There is only one question to find out if you are truly passionate about your work. The question would be... "If you did not receive any money from your current line of work or job, would you still keep going?" Would you continue to do your line of work?

Is it for the money, experience or the love?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The art of talking to yourself

There is a notion in which you as a human being possess the ability to speak to yourself in order for you to achieve a certain outcome. From boosting your confidence or to letting go of your fears to controlling your emotions; you possess the ability to control yourself by easily talking to yourself.

You motivate yourself as if someone else is motivating you.
You tell yourself not to fear as if someone else is telling you.
You say to yourself, "take it easy", by controlling your own emotions.

We all have the ability to talk to ourselves in being able to control our inner being. So lets all learn the art of talking to yourself by practicing on a daily basis.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Respect Yourself !

Why is it that many of us seek respect from others when the most respect we need is to just respect ourselves.

We as humans always need to feel important in one way or another as one of the ways we satisfy the feeling of importance is to seek it by working hard for others to respect us. We'll never receive respect if we're chasing to be respected. Just do what you do and love it ,as respect will come on its own. You will frequently feel misarable once you work so hard to earn respect from others, as others do not respect you in how you want them to. I feel it is just a matter of perception where you have all control of earning respect from others.

Just follow your heart, love what you're doing, have confidence in yourself, edit the negative stimulus that puts you down and walaaaa....
you're on your road of respecting yourself as automatically people will respect you in what you do and what you stand for.

Monday, April 9, 2007

The fastest way to success..

Have you ever wondered how do some people climb faster to success than others. I've heard the saying from Robert Kiyosaki as he states that the 5 people around you are going to determine what you will become of yourself.

If the 5 closest people don't push themselves and are already satisfied where they are, then how do you plan on excelling yourself into greater heights.

His point is, "The fastest way to success is to have a sparring partner that will get you there."

So find your sparring partner right now!!

Quotes Collection

"To be happy is to live simple"

-Taken from the Blog of

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Take it upon yourself and relax. Lighten up!

A friend of mine once told me that whenever you're mad at yourself or you feel angry about a certain situation, do not criticize others or take out your own frustration towards others. It can lead to major negativity in both sides of you and the person you're criticizing.

It can also lead to more problems than you expect it.

so, next time you're frustated at yourself or feel angry about something, look within yourself and take deep breaths telling yourself to be patient and relax.. Actually mumble to yourself.."....., be patient and relax.." Repeat saying this to yourself. And when I say mumble it out, I don't mean to just think about in your head as you say it.. I mean you should actually say it to yourself that you hear yourself saying those words. This will lead you to a state of comfort and will eventually cool you down.

Lets always live with a "cool" head.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Creating the habit of saying thank you.

I wanted to bring a small but important topic of creating the habit of saying thank you.

We tend to forget that just as little as saying thank you, we could truly make other people feel good about themselves.

The technique is to say thank you to them, while looking in their eyes while smiling. :-) This lets them know that you truly appreciate them and the generosity of what they have done.

We should say thank you to strangers who open doors for us in public places, we should say thank you to our bosses for criticizing us, we should say thank you to our subordinates who've sacraficed so much for the sake of our success, we should say thank when someone hands us our mail, our food; even the smallest little thing someone could do for us like telling us where the restroom is in a nearby shopping mall.

Lets appreciate the little things by making others feel good about themselves by creating the habit of saying thank you.

Quotes Collection

"Smiling to someone else could mean the world to that someone with a bad day."

Taken from the Blog of

10 minute video from Personal Development coach guru, Charles Bentley, PhD of UK.

Click here for video link

Charles Bentley official website:

What is Personal Development?

You know what, as I was thinking to write on my next post, I was thinking what if there are some readers out there that do not exactly know the meaning of personal development and how it plays a huge role towards our success in life.

Here is Google's definition of Personal Development:
Personal Development (also known as self-development or personal growth) comprises the development of the self.

These are some of the few things that we can improve within our own personal development in order for us to achieve success in the future:

  • Physical Growth - ex. losing weight, body building
  • Career and Business Growth - ex. start your own business
  • Spiritual Growth - ex. practicing your religion consistently
  • Mental Growth - ex. learning new knowledge, public speaking
  • Social Growth - ex. meeting new friends, volunteer work
  • Financial Growth - ex. increasing your income, reduce your debt

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Need help? Just genuinely help others..

I came across a friend the other day who shared with me an interesting story in which I will bring up on today's post. It is about genuinely helping others in order for us to receive help in return.

In today's fast paced world, we have the tedency to focus and work on something that only benefits us and only us. We spend most of our lives living the process of helping ourselves to acheiving what we plan to accomplish. We consider jobs that only benefit us, we make sales calls that benefits us, we create business plans & strategies to benefit us, we use our links and networks to benefit us.... but have we ever thought about taking an action to purely help someone else?

Within the natural state of give and take, we tend to give because we have an interest to take.. Have you ever genuinely helped someone for the sake of helping them with no interest for your own benefits? Not many of us do..

My friend spoke about the power of reciprocal return. If we genuinely help someone full hearted with nothing to expect in return; one day we will almost automatically receive help from others in different ways we could ever imagine.

So, lets develop our help habits and help those in need.

Write, Write, Write !!

Why do I find it so important to jot and write things down? Because I believe that writing things down will concretely give life to our thoughts and accomplishments. As we all agree, our attention span these days are very limited due to our fast paced lives. We have so many distractions all around us from text messaging, advertising, phone calls, daily work processes, that seem to carry on to our memory; A very short attention span as well as beginning to show signs of short-term memory.

Throughout our days, we tend to have ideas that pass us by, then suddenly within 10 seconds after the text message you received on your cell phone, you completely forget. Thats normal guys, we subconsiously act like that.

I’ve made it a habit to carry around my little black book everywhere I go and jot down everything that I think about whenever I have my pen ready in front of me. There are so many things that we can accomplish by writing things down.

Here are 20 outcomes that i’ve encountered which have made my life more meaningful after creating the habit of writing and jotting things down on my black book..

1. I find solutions to problems faster
2. I focus on my daily work processes
3. I retrieve ideas for my business
4. I act faster on my agenda
5. I monitor my processes easier
6. I don’t run off-track
7. I know what I need to achieve within the day, week, month and year
8. I don’t forget birthdays
9. I reply emails and messages faster
10. I live more calm
11. I do not procrastinate anymore
12. I decide faster using pros and cons
13. I establish a foundation for my thoughts
14. I can monitor my personal growth easier
15. I know exactly what I need to work on after defining my weaknesses
16. I know what I need to probe on through my strengths
17. Living life full of energy and poise
18. Being able to organize my business, life, and family
19. Prioritizing
20. Finding the time to give back to society

How to mingle at a party where you felt out of place and alone..

Have you ever been invited to a party or get together, where you felt kinda out of place and alone? For an example, you have no interest in the sport of cricket, you have no interest in the trading of magic cards, you have no interest in role playing games, and you did not know anyone in the party except the friend that invited you; and saying no to your friend would disrespect his/her open invitation. What do you do?

You’ll also know that your host friend will be so busy accompanying his/her other guests, they won’t have time to introduce you to anyone else, as most of them say, “Hey, glad you could make it!! blah..blah..blah..blah.. alright then, enjoy the party. Make yourself at home.” –> Then its like, wait a minute, i’m alone now..

So, whats the first thing you do?

I learned that being in one of these situations, I had to learn the art of being a good conversationalist.
The trick is to use your surroundings to start small talk with anyone and open a conversation base on what you see around you. Maybe the interesting painting in your friend’s house, the nice location of the party, the furniture, the lamp, the floor marbles, etc.. basically, anything that you see to start small talk.

After finding someone in agreement with you or show any sign of interest in speaking with you; You then make the conversation build deeper and stronger, and even make a link with the person you’re talking to; by letting them talk about themselves and stir up their interest of themselves. Just be a good listener and ask questions about themselves. They’ll be happy to speak about the challenges they faced, the good and bad times as well as their highest moments. If your’re lucky, they’ll be delighted to introduce you to one of their pals and build from there.
One thing for sure is; be genuine in creating interest of the other person. Don’t do it out of some “party strategy & tactics move” or even something you felt you had to do to survive in the deep oceans. Just take it easy and think in terms of finding a friend. Just use your heart to find interest in the other person; let them talk about themselves; ask about their experiences; ask them advice; just let them carry on talking about themselves.

Believe me, they’re going to show great respect towards you and even put a good word to others as well as the host of party. People throughout centuries mostly care about themselves and self worth with other people. For an example, if there is a group picture, whos the first person you look at in the picture? yes, who else? you. You will look to find, “where am I in the picture?” - Thats just a natural reaction of a human being.

So, in conclusion.. whenever you’re at a party where you felt out of place and alone, just think, “I’ve got to be a good conversationalist, I’ve got to be a good listener and just stir up conversations where others will speak of themselves.”

Now go out there and mingle

Its a party!

4 Engines To Lift Off Your Team Through Leadership

Last night, I attended a Leadership Seminar with speaker of Bob Andrews whom spoke about the 4 engines needed to lift off your team through leadership. They are the following:

1. Energy/Enthusiasm
A leader must show energy and enthusiasm for his/her team to lift off and reach greater heights. No matter the circumstances, the leader must at all times show his/her passion and excitement towards every aspect of the team. Through its ups and downs, the leader must always be energetic. This automatically transends the energy into the team.

A leader must educate his/herself in all aspects of the team. Through all the tangibles and intagibles, the leader must have solutions to problems and always motivate the team to greater heights after all of its accomplishments.

3. Expectation
A leader must always believe and have a positive attitude towards every aspect of the team. Through its personnel, outcomes, strategies and decisions; the leader must always expect to come out as a winner. One doubt from the leader; and the team will automatically follow doubt. Remember–> “You can’t manage doubt!”

4. Encouragement
A leader must always motivate and encourage his/her team to always strive for the best and to never be easily satisfied. The team can be rewarded after all of their accomplishments but always push them to be better than they are. Encourage success. Always remember, “we are on a journey and not a destination”.

Editing Negative Stimulus

I thought on today’s post I’d talk about how some of us on a daily basis encounter negative feedback or negative comments in which we face within our work environment, family, friends, or other received sources.
It could be perceived as constructive criticsm or just plain negativity.
I want to give you 10 tips how you can go about editing all of the negativity throughout our lives.

1. Let the negativity be heard in one ear, and let it flow out the other ear
2. Smile and say, “Thank you for your concern. I had no idea you cared so much.”
3. Give our perspective towards the situation calmly
4. Use logical and backed up reason (w/concrete data) - provide more information
5. Do not take it personally and go about your own business
6. Look at the negativity as a step closer to your success
7. Remember that you only need to succeed once (let the negativity flow in)
8. Edit out the content behind the negativity (ask yourself is there good use or not?)
9. Completely ignore the person
10. Let go of your fears and consider it a positive stimulus

How To Build-Up Your Confidence

Are you a person with low self-esteem or sometimes not certain of your own actions and work? Do you suffer from a low level of confidence? Do you always question your abilities or even worry so much about the opinions of others that you end up not doing anything?well, if you are; there’s one simple remedy for this conscious state of being; and that is to feel certain that you will succeed.

Have you ever wondered why is it that you have such low confidence?
You have such low confidence because you are thinking in between of succeeding and not succeeding.
You feel certain in one minute, but you have that thought of feeling failure in the back of your mind. You don’t actually tell yourself you will fail, but its just sitting there and looking at you “while sipping coffee”.
The trick is to know that you will succeed; to see and feel that you will succeed. I don’t mean for you to boast, but come out there and know there will be no setbacks or problems. At times, we can’t avoid obstacles but at least we have control of our thoughts and emotions that will build that confidence.

You could also use the power of music. For an example, before I have have big games, I pump myself up through my IPOD with high pumping adrenalin Hip Hop music to boost my confidence just before warming up. It lets me relax and focus on my success.

You could also use the power of your past successes and remember that feeling when you succeeded and transcend the past into your current situation. You will instantly have that inner power to boost up your confidence.

So, the next time you’re not feeling certain of yourself or you’re told numerous times by others that you don’t have the confidence, just remember to always see, feel, and think success.

Change your words from, “I will not fail..,into…,I will succeed.”

Fighting Procrastination

On this entry, I’d like to talk about my fight against procrastination.(Procrastination: putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time)

I’m quite sure that some of you might not even realize that you have a problem with procrastination. Well, the best sign of knowing that you have a problem with procrastination is pressing the “Snooze” button on your alarm clock throughout your mornings. Basically, you’re saying to yourself that I will get up later than I have planned for “I’ll do that later”; “I’ll delay waking up due to my body still aches from last night”; “I’ll put off being awake at a later time”… You can defend yourself all you want, about sufficiency, about absorbing your wake up routine… blah.. blah.. blah… You have a problem with procrastination. (period)

Well, not to offend anyone of their own problems.. I have come to terms within myself that I myself is still fighting from procrastination. I have actually always defended myself whenever someone exposed me of my own problems, then I start to realize that if I act on procrastination before my day begins, i am certain that I will pick on that habit in some aspects of my daily life. It could be as simple as throwing the garbage out into tackling major projects. I seemed to have some delayed successes and failures that was caused by procrastination.
The more I reflect and evaluate, yes, I do have a problem.. How do I go about fighting it for the development of my personal growth?
To begin my fight and after coming to terms within myself that I have a problem, I closely studied some of the patterns that I would make in holding off certain activities, chores, whatever.. I come to realize, that my emotions and thought pattern of delaying certain actions were the cause of either looking down at a certain action or being too lazy to think about the complications that an action were to take place. Basically, I realized that it is my thought process that lead me to these delays. I wasn’t focused on the end as much as me being human, I wanted things to be perfect that I put off easy tasks as well as long straining tasks. I also would focus so much on the future that, present actions that needed to be carried out didn’t get executed. I also understood that by not being flexible, we have the tendency to hold of certain things because they’re not going as planned. I think those are some of the issues of why I procrastinate..

After understanding these patterns, I had a test drive of not pressing the snooze button at 6:30am, in which I quickly got up, stretched and tackled my morning routine of writing on my black book, fixing breakfast as well as taking care of my daughter.
Amazingly, I’ve been more focused and I have not put things on delay. I don’t focus too much on the future as I keep my feet on the ground while still keeping my head up high, with my chin and nose still low. I have also learned the power of flexibility and adjustments.

Its funny that solutions can be very simple as problems are created through bad habits. And if we can break these bad habits, we’re on our way to fixing these problems.