Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Pros & Cons Of Marketing In Small Businesses

When speaking about marketing for a small business, there are many different methods in which we could use to drive sales. Each different method has its pros and cons as I'd like to share to you my experiences of running a small business.

I know that 'time' is the most valuable resource for small businesses, and money spent should be money earned at least three times in return, so therefore, I'd like to just quickly share my experiences in this list form below.

Ok then, enjoy and 'leaf' like a tree and grow :) Get it? hehe.. Just a little humor before we begin. :-)

Here it is..

MARKET RESEARCH - We must create the market before selling the product.

1. Questionnaire:
Pros - Great for random opinions, & questions answered.
Cons - Waste of time & money if questions do not bring results for decision making.

2. FGDs (Focus Discussion Groups)
Pros - Great for understanding quickly how others perceive your product and competitors.
Cons - Participants vary in character and some might not truly show their honest opinion due to their characteristics (shy, going with the crowd, indecisive, etc).

PRODUCT- When there is a guaranteed market, then product development should take place.

1) Outsourcing Production
Pros - Saves time as you can focus on managing the big picture.
Cons - Unreliable in deadliness and product quality.

2) Manufacture
Pros - Controlled quality and perfection.
Cons - Time consuming.

3) Reseller (Not our own product)
pros -Leaves us to focus on marketing.
Cons - If manufacturer's product not up to par with our marketing.

PRICING - Pricing determines profit margins.

1) Low-End
Pros - Mass buyers.
Cons - Smaller profit margins.

2) Premium
Pros - Higher Standard, and smaller competition.
Cons - Not enough buyers.

DISTRIBUTION - If consumers do not see your product, how are they going to buy?

1) Exclusive
Pros - Easier to manage, negotiate deal and monitor.
Cons - Depending on one 'source' of basket to handle our eggs.

2) Sub-Distributors
Pros - The ability to expand channels throughout the market.
Cons - profit margin battle and harder to manage.

3) Self Distribution (on-line or off-line)
Pros - Efficient, good for decision making.
Cons - More to manage and time consuming.

PROMOTION - Promo is the icing on the cake which either makes the cake (product) good or bad.

1) Old Media - Radio, print media, television.
Pros - Easy to create buzz.
Cons - Expensive, limited channel capture.

2) New Media - Digital, hand phones, i-pods, etc.
Pros - Great for fast emotional bonding.
Cons - Fast shift in trend, and boredom.

2) Promo materials - banners, stickers, posters, etc
Pros - Fast attention grabbing.
Cons - Waste of money, as no one cares if low quality or low quality design.

3) Events
Pros - Great for tying experience with your product.
Cons - Expensive & Time consuming if unsuccessful.

4) Endorsement, Branding
Pros - Great at building quick trust.
Cons - If the endorse e turns into a negative image, your product will suffer.

5) On-line
Pros - Fast and efficient in creating buzz.
Cons - Fighting against other promotion on line as consumers have a 3 second attention span on- line.

Great To Be Back

Hello all, I am officially back!! I've been away because I am currently pursuing my MBA degree and I have also changed jobs. I am at a great situation in my life right as I'll have more time to write more.

Well to refresh where we left off, I'd like to share with you all my experience of listening to a "Stress Free CD Instrumental" that my professor just recently gave me. It is a 2 track 30 minute CD instrumental that truly soothes my mind. I have been listening to it whenever I feel my brain is cramping up and in need of some oxygen. Oh yah, also Almonds are good for energy and food for the brain. It is always a great combination. Ok, i'll get on some great articles for you to read in no time. Coming soon will be an article about several characteristics that one can practice for anyone to like them, and also tips on how to execercise your brain.

Well then, great to be back. See you soon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Comedy brightens up your day - Russell Peters

They say that laughing is good for your soul and brightens up your day. They say comedy keeps you young and stress-free. So, check out Russell Peters stand up and turn all your miserys away. Enjoy! :-)

Monday, June 9, 2008

How To Quit Smoking For Life

There are smoking sections and non-smoking sections all over my country, and I'm thinking what if all of the people in my country and around the world just stopped smoking? How will the world turn? Would it make me easier to pick out spots to eat with my daughter? I can't have her second hand smoking at such a young age. What about the fate of all these cigarette companies? What to do.. what to do?

Well, just one of my opinions;

Stop smoking and put your money to better use. Lung cancer is just around the corner.

If you're having trouble, check out this money back guarantee program below on how to stop smoking for life:

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Life is not all that difficult..

Why does life have to be so difficult? Look all around you and feel that anything in the world is possible. Reach for your dreams and make it happen

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Global Business In Your Fingertips

Just thought I'd share with you all the number one resource for Global Business. If any of you are interested in finding information about global or international business, please check out this site.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Automated Passive Income, Ideas

I've been having thoughts about creating automated passive income. Here are 5 ways you can go about doing it.

1) Create website, sell affiliate marketing campaign, promote
2) Create Google Adsense Websites, promote
3) Write on a daily basis and post to or
4) Outsource your SME (Small Medium Enterprise) and work on something else
5) Sell music through

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another Cool Website About Blogging

Just found another cool blog site here.

I've been trying to search the web looking for good info and websites about real people and how they make a real living from writing or blogging. I've been sick of seeing all these really long landing pages about how to make $20,000.00 a month by not doing anything or so called 'automated programs', where you could just sit back and relax and watch the money pile up. Even those writing websites that claim they have the program to earning you $5,000.00 by inputing words into documents; not really sure I how I could believe those programs.

I'm looking for real stories of ordinary people with real problems that are willing to share their real solutions. I want to know how they make money on a monthly basis through blogging.

One of the coolest websites I've found to be 'real' is The writer shares many experiences from, Affiliate Programs, Blog Advertising, Blog Promotion, Building traffic, Money Making Services, Money Making Tips & Tricks, and Paid To Blog. I''ve just learned alot from this blog.

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Past Decisions And Delayed Success

Looking back into my own life, there have been many delayed successes in my life that I would not have traded anything for those priceless lessons. Almost at some part of our lives, we will be faced with a decision to make that will effect our lives for the long term. It is these decisions that mold our lives and carry on to our future. I want you all to take the time to reflect within your own lives and look at all of the things you've done to reach the stage you are currently in.

I want you all to throw away all the 'what ifs' and 'what could'ves' in your vocabulary and also do not listen to people who do same on your behalf. Speaking of others; if people tell you 'what ifs' & 'what could'ves' towards you, there is no point in listening to them because they want you to know that they position themselves higher than you in transcending a negative thought to your head of your decisions.

These conversations I've had with people have always puzzled me in how they perceive their own life. Is it that they do not have confidence in themselves to try to exploit a decision made, or do they just have too much pride for themselves and do not have inner peace within. I say both.

Remember, listen to yourself and remember that your decisions made in the past have created the 'super duper awesome person you are now! :-)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Easiest Source Of Income

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