Sunday, March 30, 2008


I wanted to speak about a topic that is so taboo that people hardly write it on their blogs of personal development, self-help, or whatever you wanna call it. I wanted to speak about pornography being one of the main causes of distortion in ones life. I mean, why hasn't anyone written about this?? I know every person reading this either has been exposed to it or even an addict to this easy access of p' graphy to arouse the "OPP."

I haven't read any topics on top self-help blogs or books to speak about the power of pornography. I personally call it the sweet lethal injection in a leather golden pouch. Basically, The golden pouch defines the cover and instant gratification that one gets; Then, the sweet lethal injection can inject gratification but slowly take you apart in the long run. People need to realize that if pornography is not self-managed properly, you will be a victim of negative side-effects without you even knowing it.

People go the distances to search about their problems in procrastination, the loss of focus, the miserable life, the unhappiness and dark days, their health deficiences, ect.. then people also seek answers in their problems psychologically, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially,ect, as they do not realize that pornography is the root of all their problems.

Here are 7 tips that you can do to resolve the root of all your problems:

1) Whenever browsing alone on the net, do not even attempt to look at pornography
2) Do not even think about sex for periods of times
3) Join a club and socialize
4) Have sex with a real person
5) Carry out your hobbies more frequently
6) Do not go near places that will attempt you to think about sex
7) Reach closer to your God

Practical internet business tips w/ useful websites

Last night, I attended an information-filled seminar that focused on the topic of owning your own business on the internet.

I thought i’d share with you some of the lessons the speaker spoke about. The speaker was from Singapore, an entrepreneur, who owns and runs many online businesses and has achieved tremendous success. He has international affiliates ranging from Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyasoki, and many other famous world-class leaders. His online company was ranked 7th as the fastest growing technology companies in Asia Pacific. This was awarded BY Deloitte.

Here were some of the tips:


1. Product
2. Website
3. Traffic

(1) Product
1.1 In Demand
(People are looking for online)
1.2 Marketable
(Easy to reach customers)
1.3 Easy to produce
(Information products)

(2) Website
2.1 Domain Hosting
2.2 Sales copy
2.3 Accept Payment

(3) Traffic
3.1 PPC Search Engines
(Google Adwords)
3.2 Affiliate Program
(Almost Instant Traffic - Free)
3.3 Viral Traffic
(None-Stop Quality Traffic-Get paid)


(1) Product Ideas
What could you sell on the internet
-What are you currently doing
-What are you good at? What is your expertise? (Share your knowledge to the rest of the world.)
- What are your close family or friends good at?

(2) Market Research
The potential of the products you intend to develop
-how many people are searching for the topics related to your product?
-How much competition do you have?
-How many websites are offering free content
-How many websites are selling similar products
-How many sites are bidding at payper click search engines?

(3) Develop the product
An information product could be an ebook, an audio recording, a video recording or a software program, even a password protected website that delivers web content.
1. Develop your own -
2. Hire someone to develop the product for you
3. Hire someone you don’t know to develop your product… below are some examples:

(4) Register Domain Name
-Personal name
-Business name
-The name of your product/service
-Some catch words/phrases

(5) Website Hosting
-website is your online shop front
-website hosting company is critical
-They are your online shopkeeper
-Don’t host your website without the recommendations of someone whom you know well.

(6) Building your website
-Instant site builder from
-using free web templates
search at
-build your own - using (frontpage) or (frontpage express) or some other web authorizing software.

(7) Write sales copy
-Write your own
-Using brett Mcfall’s software
-Hire someone to write it for you

(8) Accept payment online

(9) Upload to your server

(10) Initial Launch
Purchasing clicks from pay per click search engines (PPC) -> Instant Qualified Traffic

(11) Invite J.V. Partners
Who has got your potential customers?

- Improve your Conversion Rate even further!!


1. Affiliate programs
2. Joint Ventures
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. E-zines
5. Articles
6 Pay Per Click Advertising

The sacrafices we make

I’d like to speak about a conversation I had with a friend in regards to making sacrafices for the sake of achieving a goal..

In speaking with a friend the other day, he claimed that he did whatever it took to achieve his goal.. no matter the circumstances he had to make.. he made sacrafices and sometimes difficult ones - whether that be to sacrafice time with his family, money lossed in investments, losing face, dignity and pride; he would do whatever it took to get to where he wanted to go.

I then questioned him; "what is your number one motive for making these sacrafices?" - he answered with one sentence.. -> "What else man.. longevity and delayed gratification"


We make these sacrafices in purpose of delayed gratification. We create a thought in our minds that in order for us to achieve a goal in which we set, we need to sacrafice many things.

What have you sacraficed for the sake of achieving your goal?

Just admit that you’re wrong..

This brings an interesting topic about the natural state of human being, where we are designed by our ego to point fingers. It is the easiest escape goat to blame others and point fingers when things turn the way we least expect it.

Remember that admiting you’re wrong does not make you less of a person. It only creates others to respect you in how you respect yourself by admitting your mistakes.

Think about it people. Just admit that you’re wrong. Excuses are for losers.

Indonesian Business Inspiration

I would like to begin this topic based on a new category I have started about traditional indonesian businesses; These are the grassroots of Indonesian Entrepreneurs.

I'd also like to show you how citizens of the 3rd world strive to survive under all conditions within our developing country as they do not have the option of the 9 to 5, as their only way to survive is to pursue their living through the entrepreneur route. I will throughout the time post some interesting topics about how these businessmen/women go about their business and how they've created a sustainable business for their future and family.

On today's topic, I'd like to show you some pictures I grabbed from google search of a several Indonesian traditional businesses called, "Pedagang Kaki Lima" - In meaning; Five Legged Entrepeneur.

As seen in the pictures below, they are considered; Five Legged Entrepreneur; due to them having 2 (two)legs and doing business on a 3 (three) wheel bike.

These businessmen/women stroll down the streets of Indonesia with a unique sound to attract buyers in offering many different businesses. They range from traditional foods to raw materials to even children's toys. These businessmen/women start their business and return home within any given time during the day and night.

These people are the grassroots of Indonesian Entrepreneurs. Maybe you can implemented these businesses in your part of the world? It can be quite lucrative. :-)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Selling Traditional Noodles & Meatballs "Bakso")

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
(Selling Fresh Cold Coconut Drinks - "to quench your thirst on a tropical climate")