Sunday, March 30, 2008

Practical internet business tips w/ useful websites

Last night, I attended an information-filled seminar that focused on the topic of owning your own business on the internet.

I thought i’d share with you some of the lessons the speaker spoke about. The speaker was from Singapore, an entrepreneur, who owns and runs many online businesses and has achieved tremendous success. He has international affiliates ranging from Bill Clinton, Robert Kiyasoki, and many other famous world-class leaders. His online company was ranked 7th as the fastest growing technology companies in Asia Pacific. This was awarded BY Deloitte.

Here were some of the tips:


1. Product
2. Website
3. Traffic

(1) Product
1.1 In Demand
(People are looking for online)
1.2 Marketable
(Easy to reach customers)
1.3 Easy to produce
(Information products)

(2) Website
2.1 Domain Hosting
2.2 Sales copy
2.3 Accept Payment

(3) Traffic
3.1 PPC Search Engines
(Google Adwords)
3.2 Affiliate Program
(Almost Instant Traffic - Free)
3.3 Viral Traffic
(None-Stop Quality Traffic-Get paid)


(1) Product Ideas
What could you sell on the internet
-What are you currently doing
-What are you good at? What is your expertise? (Share your knowledge to the rest of the world.)
- What are your close family or friends good at?

(2) Market Research
The potential of the products you intend to develop
-how many people are searching for the topics related to your product?
-How much competition do you have?
-How many websites are offering free content
-How many websites are selling similar products
-How many sites are bidding at payper click search engines?

(3) Develop the product
An information product could be an ebook, an audio recording, a video recording or a software program, even a password protected website that delivers web content.
1. Develop your own -
2. Hire someone to develop the product for you
3. Hire someone you don’t know to develop your product… below are some examples:

(4) Register Domain Name
-Personal name
-Business name
-The name of your product/service
-Some catch words/phrases

(5) Website Hosting
-website is your online shop front
-website hosting company is critical
-They are your online shopkeeper
-Don’t host your website without the recommendations of someone whom you know well.

(6) Building your website
-Instant site builder from
-using free web templates
search at
-build your own - using (frontpage) or (frontpage express) or some other web authorizing software.

(7) Write sales copy
-Write your own
-Using brett Mcfall’s software
-Hire someone to write it for you

(8) Accept payment online

(9) Upload to your server

(10) Initial Launch
Purchasing clicks from pay per click search engines (PPC) -> Instant Qualified Traffic

(11) Invite J.V. Partners
Who has got your potential customers?

- Improve your Conversion Rate even further!!


1. Affiliate programs
2. Joint Ventures
3. Search Engine Optimization
4. E-zines
5. Articles
6 Pay Per Click Advertising

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