Saturday, April 7, 2007

Take it upon yourself and relax. Lighten up!

A friend of mine once told me that whenever you're mad at yourself or you feel angry about a certain situation, do not criticize others or take out your own frustration towards others. It can lead to major negativity in both sides of you and the person you're criticizing.

It can also lead to more problems than you expect it.

so, next time you're frustated at yourself or feel angry about something, look within yourself and take deep breaths telling yourself to be patient and relax.. Actually mumble to yourself.."....., be patient and relax.." Repeat saying this to yourself. And when I say mumble it out, I don't mean to just think about in your head as you say it.. I mean you should actually say it to yourself that you hear yourself saying those words. This will lead you to a state of comfort and will eventually cool you down.

Lets always live with a "cool" head.

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