Thursday, April 5, 2007

Editing Negative Stimulus

I thought on today’s post I’d talk about how some of us on a daily basis encounter negative feedback or negative comments in which we face within our work environment, family, friends, or other received sources.
It could be perceived as constructive criticsm or just plain negativity.
I want to give you 10 tips how you can go about editing all of the negativity throughout our lives.

1. Let the negativity be heard in one ear, and let it flow out the other ear
2. Smile and say, “Thank you for your concern. I had no idea you cared so much.”
3. Give our perspective towards the situation calmly
4. Use logical and backed up reason (w/concrete data) - provide more information
5. Do not take it personally and go about your own business
6. Look at the negativity as a step closer to your success
7. Remember that you only need to succeed once (let the negativity flow in)
8. Edit out the content behind the negativity (ask yourself is there good use or not?)
9. Completely ignore the person
10. Let go of your fears and consider it a positive stimulus

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