Friday, April 6, 2007

What is Personal Development?

You know what, as I was thinking to write on my next post, I was thinking what if there are some readers out there that do not exactly know the meaning of personal development and how it plays a huge role towards our success in life.

Here is Google's definition of Personal Development:
Personal Development (also known as self-development or personal growth) comprises the development of the self.

These are some of the few things that we can improve within our own personal development in order for us to achieve success in the future:

  • Physical Growth - ex. losing weight, body building
  • Career and Business Growth - ex. start your own business
  • Spiritual Growth - ex. practicing your religion consistently
  • Mental Growth - ex. learning new knowledge, public speaking
  • Social Growth - ex. meeting new friends, volunteer work
  • Financial Growth - ex. increasing your income, reduce your debt

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