Thursday, April 5, 2007

Fighting Procrastination

On this entry, I’d like to talk about my fight against procrastination.(Procrastination: putting off or delaying or defering an action to a later time)

I’m quite sure that some of you might not even realize that you have a problem with procrastination. Well, the best sign of knowing that you have a problem with procrastination is pressing the “Snooze” button on your alarm clock throughout your mornings. Basically, you’re saying to yourself that I will get up later than I have planned for “I’ll do that later”; “I’ll delay waking up due to my body still aches from last night”; “I’ll put off being awake at a later time”… You can defend yourself all you want, about sufficiency, about absorbing your wake up routine… blah.. blah.. blah… You have a problem with procrastination. (period)

Well, not to offend anyone of their own problems.. I have come to terms within myself that I myself is still fighting from procrastination. I have actually always defended myself whenever someone exposed me of my own problems, then I start to realize that if I act on procrastination before my day begins, i am certain that I will pick on that habit in some aspects of my daily life. It could be as simple as throwing the garbage out into tackling major projects. I seemed to have some delayed successes and failures that was caused by procrastination.
The more I reflect and evaluate, yes, I do have a problem.. How do I go about fighting it for the development of my personal growth?
To begin my fight and after coming to terms within myself that I have a problem, I closely studied some of the patterns that I would make in holding off certain activities, chores, whatever.. I come to realize, that my emotions and thought pattern of delaying certain actions were the cause of either looking down at a certain action or being too lazy to think about the complications that an action were to take place. Basically, I realized that it is my thought process that lead me to these delays. I wasn’t focused on the end as much as me being human, I wanted things to be perfect that I put off easy tasks as well as long straining tasks. I also would focus so much on the future that, present actions that needed to be carried out didn’t get executed. I also understood that by not being flexible, we have the tendency to hold of certain things because they’re not going as planned. I think those are some of the issues of why I procrastinate..

After understanding these patterns, I had a test drive of not pressing the snooze button at 6:30am, in which I quickly got up, stretched and tackled my morning routine of writing on my black book, fixing breakfast as well as taking care of my daughter.
Amazingly, I’ve been more focused and I have not put things on delay. I don’t focus too much on the future as I keep my feet on the ground while still keeping my head up high, with my chin and nose still low. I have also learned the power of flexibility and adjustments.

Its funny that solutions can be very simple as problems are created through bad habits. And if we can break these bad habits, we’re on our way to fixing these problems.

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