Saturday, April 28, 2007

Re-introducing things..

As I was going through my daily routine of writing new material for this blog, I noticed something completely obvious on the internet about material on personal development.

I noticed that many of the writers on the net speak about the same issues, problems, and give solutions very much similar to others. They are just repeating words what others have said in a completely different perception and format.

I wanted to take a whole new look into what I call, the "Simple Personal Development Style", and that is todevelop yourself in every form and shape possible through as much simplicity as possible that you live life without any regrets, and bitterness. I want to clearly give the most simple and yet practical lessons that you as a reader do not have to digest so much material within your day that you eventually forget what you've read.

I also don't want you to have to think so deeply about taking action that you end up reading for pleasure and not really using what you have read to improve your actual actions.
I see that in many of these writers, it takes ages for them to get a point across that they end up losing readers easily just after receiving an sms on their cell phone (one example is me - I read a recent article that took so long to absorb that I ended up absorbing something else).
So I want to make it easy for you to grasp my material and take action right away.

I wanted to recommend all of you to also be in tuned with my other blog located at, which gives you your daily dosis of quotes and wisdom.

How I suggest you take on slipping in your own time with my sites is to open my blogs first thingin the morning when you are fresh and ready to be enlighten. I suggest you open, first, to catch the quote and wisdom of the day, then to read my latest post on

I routinely update these two blogs as I am completely passionate about the subject of developing ourselves into a greater being.

It is the hope that at your death bed, you will feel relieved that you've lived a great life and you would trade anything to do it again. That is the purpose how I want to go about taking my blog posts. To take life within our own hands and be able to ride it to the end. We don't live forever, remember.

Ok then, to make things simple.. I will break down my topics based on achieving wealth in your consciousness & awareness, your personal effectiveness, your physical, mental, financial/business, social growth,and as well as achieving peace through your spirituality.

Lets continue what we've started..


the_natz said...

Hey Herdi,

Great to know that someone is speaking out about developing ourselves into a greater being. In response to your blog, I must say that it is meaningless to live life when you don't have a purpose. Is the chief end of men only to develop oneself (and maybe for the greater good of others)? I believe there is more to that. It is not about us, I think it about the God who created us in His image and likeness. We were made by him for a purpose. Just like a potter who created the pottery. Each one of them were made for different uses. Cheers!

Herdi said...

I completely agree with you Nat.

That is the purpose of why we as human beings need to develop our growth of spirituality in order for us to come terms with peace amongst ourselves; to also understand that there is a higher being.

Not many of us know exactly what our purpose in life is; as we all are constantly in search of a better life.

we cannot control and shape what happens to us within our faith, but we can certainly control the improvement of our well being into greater heights and help others achieve the same greatness.

Maybe that is the purpose of some of us..

Stevey said...

Life is an experience and it is up to each of us how we choose to see this life and experience it. Enjoyed your article. I find it always pays to be open-minded.