Saturday, May 5, 2007

Energetic Day

I woke up this morning just feeling so energetic and ready to tackle my daily tasks with so much intensity. I noticed something different about me just from waking up.

I didn't wake up the usual way; slow like a turtle; as I also noticed that my body felt so charged like a cell phone after being fully charged throughout the night.

I'm going to write today's post on what steps I took the night before, for me to feeling so energized the next day. Here's the easy to read and easy steps to follow.

  • I ate a good healthy breakfast
  • I drank my 'nutrilite' daily tablets
  • Went to work with a positive attitude and ignored all the negativity
  • Prepared my daily tasks smoothly
  • I ate a huge lunch + drank 2 'nutrilite' vitamin C pills
  • Followed through on my black book & agenda to keep my day organized
  • Worked out and hit the weights after work
  • Took some vitamins to boost my energy after my workout
  • Ate a healthy dinner
  • Drank milk before going to bed

* Conclusion : As you notice up there that blocking out negativity, preparing your agenda, having a healthy consistent diet and working out can turn your preparation for the next day to be more live and enegetic.

Try it.

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Carla said...

Excellent example for an energetic day!!