Monday, May 19, 2008

Best Credit Offers

One of the keys to self development and the success in one's life is to create a balance between work and life. Both of them go hand in hand as work (entrepreneur/employee) sustains your life by providing you the end necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, money, and your needs to survive. You need money to fuel your life as we all live in a world with economics and trade. One of the ways to speed-up the process of getting that home, getting that car, motorcycle, clothes, buying that self-help book or purchasing anything with money is through the use of Credit; crediting the purchase with later pay back through installments. Many of us who live in the real world do not have excessive cash lying around like 'Scrooge McDuck' where we can just use hard cash to purchase anything we like. For many of us living in the real world, one of the most common ways for purchase is by using a credit card.

I am completely against over-using credit cards that will burden your life in total debt, because I too was an example coming from a family that eroded financially due to debts of credit card bills. I am though for using credit cards to your benefit and not abusing the power you have to purchase anything with a single slide of a card anywhere in the world. I am all for controlled and calculated spendings. I would now like to suggest to you some great credit card offers.

And they are; consumers credit cards and low interest credit cards.

Offered through the website of, there are varieties of credit cards to choose from online.

I'll break down the benefits:

1. Consumer Credit Cards - There are many different credit cards in which you can apply for including American Express, Capital One, Citibank, Discover Card and many more. You can apply directly online despite of your credit history. There are more credit cards to choose from if you have good credit, and there are also many credit cards to choose from even if you have bad credit. Good or bad credit, you can almost be guaranteed an approval for a credit card.

Here are sample benefits of the top applied credit cards - (click here for details)
a. American Express: No annual fee, 4.99% APR on balance transfers, 0% Intro APR on purchases for 15 months

b. Capital One: Excellent for people w/good credit, 13.9% on balance transfers,

c. Citibank: No annual fee, 0% liability on unauthorized purchases, 0% APR on BT and purchases for up to 12 months

d. Discover Card: No annual fee, 0% Intro APR, 5% cashback bonus.

These cards are applicable for both foreign or american consumer credit cards as applying online will guarantee you discounts of the best airline offers, gasoline, hotel rewards, and cash back deals. There are also features in which shopping can be controlled by the discounts and programs each card has to offer. Ranging from individual consumers to business owners or executives, spending should not be a pain as your credit will be managed. Apply now!

2. Low Interest Credit Cards - Since Feb 2006, the interest rate of these credit cards have been at an all time low due to Federal Rate Decreases. Now the average percentage for non-reward interest rates are approx 13.29%.

Apply Now & Build Your Financial Foundation

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