Monday, May 19, 2008

51 Things To Do To Heal Your Depression

What do you do when you feel depressed? The easiest thing to do is seek consultation and see a psychologist. But what are some of the things you could do to relieve your stress without paying someone to heal you. Here below are 51 things to do to relieve your depression. Enjoy.

1) Talk to your pet (if you have a dog its always soothing - they just sit there and listen)

2) Share your problem to your close friend that you trust

3) Write in your blog or daily dairy than to never expose it to anyone else

4) Do something that you love to do; carry out your hobby

5) Listen to your favorite music

6) Play your favorite video games

7) Go to the strip club for those over 21

8) Watch a good movie with friends and family

9) Don't be alone for too long when you're depressed;
(your problem will sink within even deeper)

10) Catch a good ride in your motorcycle, car, vehicle of some sort

11) Browse the internet for good tips of your favorite thing to do

12) Master a skill of some sort

13) Have sexual intercourse with a real person
(for those internet lovers - virtual intercourse can also help)

14) Take a walk in the beach if you're near one, if not, just take a walk outside throughout the night; its always soothing

15) Go shopping

16) Call a long time friend or search for one

17) Take a vacation and start a new life

18) Re-construct your life and change your lifestyle

19) Read a good book

20) Yell at someone for no reason and apologize

21) Look for the buried treasure

22) Go sailing if you love the waters

23) Go swimming in the lake and search for your own lochness monster

24) Go fishing

25) Contact your favorite celebrity at

26) Go skydiving or bungee jumping

27) Look for aliens

28) Go ghost searching with friends

29) Go to Disney World or the Grand Canyon

30) Fly to Europe

31) See if you could move a cup with only your mind

32) Quit your job

33) Do something that you define as being crazy

34) Run the marathon

35) Look at the stars from the top of a tree

36) Search for the boogie man in your son's/daughter's closet

37) Do something special for your love one - surprise them

38) Write a book

39) Write a song, Produce a movie

40) Race your dog - that will get you moving

41) Tell your pet to eat if they are lazy

42) Eat out or eat in

43) Listen to self-help audio books

44) Tell off your bully at local setting near you - your boss, your friend, who ever that may be

45) Go horse back riding

46) Herd cows

47) Volunteer to mow a football field near you

48) Fix something technical

49) Go to the zoo and act like an animal

50) Write your own list of things to do when depressed

51) Subscribe to my blog :)

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