Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Need For Greatness - Ashop Commerce

With personal development and self help, many gurus often guide us through healing while offering us many products which support their teachings. One of the most effective and efficient ways of reaching directly to end-users is by selling their products through the internet. These gurus either act as merchants or use other parties to sell their products online. One of the main features in having a successful internet business as well as successfully selling online, is by using a reliable, flexible and easy to operate shopping cart for buyers to use through the process of purchase.

There are many shopping carts out there that are so difficult for a buyer to purchase a product, that it ends up turning off its buyers resulting in a loss of sales. If you are like these gurus who sell online or have an online business of your own, the following information will certainly come in handy. I'd like to introduce to you the most reliable, easy to operate, affordable and proven track record, a checkout shopping-cart software that has helped many businesses flourish throughout the world for many years;

I'd like to introduce to you the Ashop Commerce

Taken from the website and link:
"Ashop Commerce is one of the the first companies in the world to integrate with Google Checkout and include the auto call back function."

With its trusted joint integration with Google Checkout, there is no need to question the credibility of Ashop Commerce

Here are some of its many features and payment gateways:

1) 10 day free trial without credit card of software purchase
2) Easy to use single login
3) badge of google checkout to prove secure and bonafide shopping cart
4) low in shoppers abandoning Ashop shopping cart
5) user-friendly, even a 10 year old can open his/her online business
6) and the list goes on and on...

Read on below for details!
Ashop Commerce - Frequently Asked Questions
Ashop Commerce
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