Saturday, February 23, 2008

Being employed vs the Business man

What are your thoughts about an Entrepreneur vs. an Employee? Is it freedom vs security, is it mentality vs being safe or is it opportunity vs mindset?

We’ve always been taught the context of our lives to go to school, graduate college, get good grades, find a good job in the corporate world in order for us to be secure for life. But why hasn’t anyone ever told us that there are other contexts in life as in make mistakes to learn faster and in order for us to be rich is to never get a job? Does that have any correlation with the 80/20 rule? 80 percent of the world’s wealth is controlled by 20 percent of the world’s population.. Than I must be fooling myself and fooled by the system. Are we going back to the times before the industrial age where every man for himself? The only way to be rich is by having our own business instead of working for a company?

Just start reading yahoo, google, Wall Street Journal, Business Week or Fortune Mag and start watching CNBC, Bloomsberg or CNN, as many companies are down sizing, more looking to outsource as well as manufacture in countrys’ where the labor wages are lower. Licensing is a modern trend as taking employees in-house are a way of the past. Where are all the jobs going to go? What can we do now? We go by our old orthodox ways and listen to what our system is telling us and be fooled until we die?

In my opinion, being critical and skeptical are some of the vital aspects we should have in carrying out our lives. Being critical and skeptical does not mean live without a positive attitude, it just lets us probe into situations in greater detail where we will be able to analyze situations more precised in order for us to find real world solutions to our real world problems. Everyone of us has problems.. So always question your reality and your perception towards life.

The entrepreneur route is the way to go for me as I am experiencing about character building, enhancing in my business skills, opportunity analysis, human resource management, time management, project management, product development, legalities, communications, operating & establishing systems and lastly, personal finance as well as operational finance.

I see time as my most important asset as I use it to the maximum. I’ve experienced the corporate world where I have spent nearly 40 hours a week and spent 350 days of the year working for someone else to be rich. I’m not against anyone for being an employee because I think experience is far more important than money.. Its just that always remember to have the mindset of working to learn and not working for money.

Remember that money is just an idea that lets us think that we’re secure and lets us feel that we can buy things but in reality we’re not seeing the big picture.. Also, whats the point of saving money in the bank when in time, the value of the dollar will depreciate? I think saving money in the bank and being frugal is far more risky than investing our time and money to businesses & real estate. I personally know this will leverage our financial freedom.

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