Saturday, February 23, 2008

Are you short of money? Just start selling something with hardly no cost!

Have you ever thought that if you’re short on your finances, the fastest way to make money is to just start selling?

Yeah, thats right! Just sell anything. These days, there are some practical ways that you can earn money just by selling something without much cost to begin with. Here are 10 practical ways to make money by selling and earning quickly.

1. Sell on ebay –>

2. Open a garage sale of your old belongings (promote through word of mouth - homemade posters)

3. Sell your skills (public speaking, coaching, designing, etc..)

4. Sell your information by being a middleman of purchaser & buyer

5. Open a lemonade/cookies stand in a nearby event

6. Start a simple local car wash (50-50 split with a Non-Government Organization as a Fund Raiser event)

7. Offer to mow lawns throughout your neighborhood for a reasonable price

8. Offer to wash pets throughout your neighborhood for a reasonable price

9. Open a homemade theater for neighborhood kids in your home (DVD player,TV,Living Room,Popcorn,Drinks)

10. If you have loads of books at your home or videos/DVDs, you can open a neighborhood library

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