Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Living The Dream With PayPerPost

Wow, just opened my Email and more good news!!!!! This blog has been approved by the number one "Sponsored Review" company of payperpost !!

I'm so excited as I would also like to give a great example of perseverance and determination by sticking to your belief that if denied or failed, to keep on pushing as there will be open opportunities for you in the future. Let me tell you that this blog was denied several times until today! Yeaaa!!!! Just really happy and would like to share my happiness to you all once again.

I wanted in my heart to signed up to payperpost because after researching around the net, I found out that pioneered the 'Sponsored Review' model for bloggers as it is considered the most credible and the most prestigious company in the world.

Payperpost also lets you add friends to your account in order for you to network and learn from one another. It is a great website that opens doors for bloggers and once again, I advise all of you bloggers out there to sign up.

You can earn and make good money if your are consistent with your writing. Also, if you build a good name for yourself, advertisers can come running to your blog for reviews. :) Wow, hope someday that will happen to this blog.. hehehe.. ("remembering to always have the happiness and not the end in mind..")

Its amazing how payperpost can create a wonderful opportunity for me as a 3rd world citizen to give way to live my passion into making a living from writing. I am grateful and I thank the Lord above for the blessings that has come down to me and my family. I pray that our dreams can all come true and live the lifestyle that we seek which does not allow it to be driven by other factors.

This is a beginning of a new life for me and my family. Lets live, be happy and reach way higher than the stars. :)

On a further note, if I do make a good living from payperpost and earn good money from my writing, I will definitely take it upon to upgrade my family's quality of life, reconstruct my lifestyle, give back to those in need, as well as give my daughter the best education she can possibly have by enrolling her to the most prestigious schools in Indonesia.

Remember!! Keep on pushing it as things do happen for a reason. Follow your heart and let it lead you to wherever you'd like to be.

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