Friday, May 16, 2008

Just a thought..

I was taking a drive the other day through the busy streets of Jakarta and I noticed so many billboards and advertisements of multinational companies that are spending so much money to get peoples attention. I wonder to what extent do these advertisements get a "return of their investment"? I wonder if these business decisions were based on comprehensive research or just past experiences of positive results from their business strategies?

As I'm driving and into a red light, I noticed a huge NUTRILITE ad promoting the number one multivitamins in the world! I was amazed and surprised at the same time because I too intake these vitamins to carry out my daily activities and I've never seen one of their ads being so big in one of the busiest streets of Jakarta. Wow, I wonder if they also advertised in and let bloggers who have used their products to give a testimonial or experience of their own. I wonder how much return they will get on their investment? Not only do testimonials make great ads, but having many bloggers throughout the world in their own special niche markets to write about nutrilite, there will so many people reading about the multivitamins in their own trusted way. I can honestly say that people do get attached to blogs, and readers who are attached to one blog just can't go a day without reading and trusting their source of information.

I can say that if big brands and multinational companies take advantage of advertising through, it will not only benefit the advertiser alone but will take a step further into the business promotion model of sponsored-paid reviews.

I then also saw a huge SONY DVD HANDYCAM ad in one of the major areas of the city. I wonder if SONY advertised through and millions wrote about their great and memorable experiences they had with their HANDYCAMS, as many of us have cherished unforgettable memories and be able to re-live them through HANDYCAMS. Why not SONY take this opportunity and advertise through :)

Many of us rely on blogs for information and great insights about anything we'd like to know, so it only make sense if these large brands take on this opportunity to maximize their promotion.

Ok then, to all you brands out there or businesses that need great advertisement, please advertise through

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