Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SocialSpark & I

Being a 3rd world citizen, one of the biggest challenges in life is to do what you love, love what you do and make a good living out of it. Approx 90% of us residing in the 3rd world do not have this option as we must be creative in being able to balance out our lives of dream-chasing and chasing that 'buck' to sustain life.

One of my daily 'life-homework' is to constantly improve my writing for the sake of my blog, my readers and most definitely for the sake of my family. Knowing that you have a family to feed and a little girl to parent, we must constantly stay on our toes to make our value higher to accomplish the bottom line; and that is, putting food on the table. At the end of the day, it is about giving time and giving money to the ones we love. Thats all it matters.. Period.

In speaking of the ones we love, being happy is contagious as being happy and organized are keys to success and enhancing ones level to the next. My personal belief is that writing and socializing can be defined as being a big part of self help, personal development, success, and happiness.

This is what I would like to share to you all on today's post.

I'd like to share to you all my happiness of being approved to one of the hippest social blogging networks in the world of SocialSpark, as it integrates writing, socializing, advertising and creating money making opportunities for us bloggers especially those residing in third world countries.

SocialSpark does not only benefit bloggers and advertisers alone, but it also benefits those residing in country's where writing or blogging itself is considered lame and dangerous (such as mine), as it also bonds the world into equality by the interactive experience and the concept of no boundaries in which SocialSpark campaigns.

I was introduced to socialspark.com by an email that was sent from payperpost and directly took action after receiving the email.

I browsed through the website and directly said, "Wowzers.., Cool place.." You can socialize, help one another in blogging, advertise, network, write, make some cash, participating in volunteering for a win-win situation and even browse through the different sponsorship options. It is a complete integration of maximizing the bond between advertisers and publishers. SocialSpark is part of the parent company of IZEA which does not need to be questioned its credibility as it runs powerful websites such as payperpost.com.

I recommend if you're a blogger looking to earn money or an advertiser looking to promote on blogs, directly sign up to http://www.socialspark.com as I just did.

Before browsing the website you must understand SocialSparks Code of Ethics which are:

100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure:

Each sponsored post must include a badge at the end of every post sponsored by SocialSpark.

100% Transparency:
Profiles of bloggers and advertisers who are working with each other are open to the public.

100% Real Opinions:
You are recommended to take on posts that you like with negative or positive reviews.

100% Search Engine Friendly:

Search engines will not penalize you for your sponsored post.

On a further note; to open the website, you need to have the updated version of FireFox or the updated browser of Internet Explorer.

I already envision happiness and joy because having the passion of writing as well as being able to put food on the table can all be accomplished at SocialSpark. Not only that, but socializing, networking, building contacts for the future with other bloggers & advertisers just puts the icing on the cake.

Check us out on SocialSpark

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