Saturday, February 23, 2008

Can I help you?

I've been reading alot of material on the web and many books on personal development, self help or personal productivity that I have found out that why isn't there just one author that writes something without rambling on and on about their personal advice. I'm beginning to question some of these authors of how do they come up with the material when everyday they're writing new content. Is it make believe that they happen to solve so many problems within one day? and why do they write so many run on sentences?

In my opinion, when reading about self development, it SHOULDN'T be like reading a novel or a 400 page biography where all we need are points of great advice. Not run ons that make you sleep half-way through reading it. Theres just so much that our memory span can handle. I mean, we forget what we're thinking about before receiving that text message, let alone remember a run-on article that seemed to solve no problems except waste your own productive time.

People like me who seek self-development are searching for solutions to our problems. We need them fast and practical solutions. Any advice?

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